Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Funny what you find when perusing through  old bookmarks.  Closed bank account,  membership to various writing groups, Web sites started, then forgotten- And this Blog.  Who is writing what?  Well the Democrats are writing about the Republicans, the Republicans are writing about the Republicans, the blacks are writing about the whites, the Gays about acceptance, the supposed poor about the supposed rich, women still looking for that magical phrase to change humanity, men writing about- well- anything political- Me? - Newt for prez, Obama has to go.  Hmm.  It, this face book page, was intended for writers, and writers only, but as it turns out, Face Book itself is a group dedicated to writing or else who'd know you're here.  Sure, not all 3500 are writers per say, but if you're writing about your cat spitting up a hair ball, or writing to convince Florida to vote for you, I guess in a sense, we are all equal. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Synchronicity in writing and the world.

Well the NaNoWriMo starts Tuesday morning at 12:o1 AM- which means about 130,000 people world-wide will be pecking out a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Quite an event. Last year was my first and I succeeded, but here it sits, untouched since November 30th 2010.

It was a book about society melting down due to a computer game. It rambled here and there, my character development was fair, my plot good, but the ending- the ending was tagged after 51, 300 words. Where I ended it, has become reality!

Looking to the streets today, would be to read my novel. Although the destruction has not yet begun in real life, the description of the encampments are eerily precise and the reason for these riots are as I wrote- monetarily inspired by envy of those who work hard.

It bothers me that this synchronicity is so precise that I almost wonder if God Himself is looking upon me and taking His cue to teach us some benevolent lesson using the stick as the teacher, and our calm society as the child- the children are acting up, and what else can He do.

Not all of us can be rich. Not all of us can have Ph.D's. Some of us will suffer. Most of us will just get along. All of us though should take personal responsibility for our stations in life here in America where the Pursuit of Happiness is guaranteed. But what is pursued is a choice made by individuals. Happiness is not a Right, rather a result. The pursuit is a right and if happiness is never found, we should not blame others, whether they pursued ill gotten happiness or not. Their gains, unless directly linked to our failures, really have no baring on how we live our lives.

There are grounds for anger if let's say your savings where lost or stolen, but if your pursuit never climbed out of self-indulgence, and 30 years later, after waking up you find yourself lacking the basic elements of life, does it really matter that some scum bucket paid himself a billion dollars from insider trading? Would it have affected your life, my life?

I think not.

So, to correct this social meltdown from where I ended my NaNo Novel, I have to re-write a 50,000 word ending with an outcome behooving an end to all this strife - world wide. If God is watching, I believe what I write "will occur" and that "occurrence" will be our future as a species.

Quite frankly, I no not know what I'll write, but I doubt it will end well for the vast majority of us, and those who did not participate in this envy driven mayhem- one day might remember these days as the dark ages of modern times.

Or we will live happily ever after.

Just depend on what Trent finds at that truck and where it might lead him.

Trent is my main character, the truck is where I ended the first book. Behind him was chaos as we see today all over this planet.

So odd.

This NaNo Novel will be the sequel. An extrapolation of what it was and what is to come.

50,000 words in thirty days so I'm fairly certain the streets will not calm down for at least 30 more days, and the world, no peace, no resolution until I finish. On that, I'm certain.

I'll write a pause just so the world take a breathe, but only a pause.

Good luck on all your NaNo Novels out there, let's buddy-up come November 1st, 12:01 am.

NaNoWriMo 2011- Buddy up

November 1st at 12:01 AM the writing Buddy feature will be in operations. The best way to get to the 50,000 word mark is to have support. If you are participating this year, check in and add to your Writing Buddy list. This is an experiment, so forgive if it's not quite right. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Rambling Babblings

Time to settle in for the coming wrath, not from God, but from social and political chaos spinning like hurricane Irene but slowly dieing out only to become yet another cloud in the sky. The important word there is "to become", until then we are... we is churning.
There are overriding themes or flock-style attributes here in fb-land which are accentuated by anonymity and access to an audience-whether imaginary or real. It's either; echo, echo, echo. or it's not. As writers, do we care? I think not. Each of us are driven to be read. That's the connection. We write to be read. And by that trait we behave as a flock. Even the ugly duckling had feathers. So, as Birds of a Feather, here's some fb traits and trends.
1st Books are being written, published and are selling.
2nd People are divided by loyalties to certain political parties.
3rd The gotcha angle in religious debate is common banter.
4th See # 3, also for social & political gaffs.
5th Traps are set for comment-section fire-fights= word wars.
6th All emotions are expressed: Happiness, sadness, boredom, anger, hate, love -loathing...
7th Politically Correct language does not exist.
8th Some people get offended and block or are blocked/ most enjoy the openness and fight-on.
9th It doesn't matter who you are or what you have, there are no environmentalists on face
book- There only can be environmental hypocrites. (high-tech takes enormous corporate, natural and environmental toxicity to allow this to be read by you- right now. So, you know. )
10th Everyone in here, on this wall, excluding a few, claim to be a writers.
11th Everything read is read as fiction, even with facts, if it's written by a writer- it's embellished one way or the other.
12th The international equation adds perspective otherwise abandoned to the imagination. Disasters, war, famine, revolt, death- to many in here, our imagination is their reality.
13th Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me! The un-recited oath all true writers must live by. From Twain, to Harris- Words can be a sword or wet noodle, it depends on the ears which hear them.

That's it. Until December of next year, the world will ebb and flow through turbulent times and here in fb-land those currents will be as wild as any other public forum. Knowing now that we're all one flock; real good, real bad, real ugly, but still birds of a feather, just write from the heart the things you think- chances are someone in here will be thinking just like you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Daily Rant

We have on our hands a world confused, scared and in, without being trite, a major meltdown. Each tick of the second hand brings 2 or 3 posts from Face Book Friends trying desperately to find solace within themselves (and me too) so as to, for the moment, feel in control of the spiraling chaos plaguing our three realms of reality. !st, our TV's. 2nd, our internet. 3rd, our lives. There is nothing other than those three windows where we get our stimulus. We'll give 7% of us the credit for actually being involved with a specific current crisis- WI, Japanese FB Friends in trouble over there, Middle East ties, you Politicians peeking in for advice :), media personalities, the governmentally involved, those in sickness- We all can speak directly and with authority to specific chaotic microcosms, yet, we still are seeded with 93% of impute from media produced hype as a parakeet is driven by it's own reflection in a mirror.

Unions don't affect me, my kids teacher doesn't affect you, genocide in Libya or the despair in Japan, unless within that 7%, we are reacting to images as we react to a well crafted book. The intent of the author is to provoke heavy emotion regardless of consequences. Make them feel it!

I know that. You, the 1500 writers that make up this very forum, must know that. But those outside this group don't. They see banter and contention, then act upon the impute like misguided sheep. Like what they see is their reality. When, in reality, their lives are unaffected or so removed from the turmoil, the world's chaos could only be described as a ongoing mini series broadcast 24/7. A planetary version of The Truman Show.

Or that's how it was.

Today the images show an advancing threat on several fronts all colluding to pounce. (If all worse case scenarios come to pass)

Terrorists nuke in NY, radiation spilling across territorial boundaries, the failure and collapse of all monetary systems, A War on our western border, the success of Anarchy. These are real and there are no pockets of amnesty- no safe havens.

While it would be ideal if every utterance could radiate light, love and compassion, the true needs of the world now can only be met by frank, honest, judgmental exchange between and among a species which has the capacity for self induced delusional hope, even while waiting in line at the slaughter house.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

NaNo Novel Moment.- Might work.

Globalization drew close with the commoners in power; The One World Order was achieved. What wars were staging- quelled. Not needing resources’ for defense, poor countries began upgrading their technologies in giant steps. Research and development departments everywhere had an endless supply of money gifted them by the OWO. Agriculture also benefited by this non-aggression pack made between all countries. Deserts in Africa flourished with irrigated farm lands.
Food grown was distributed better. Grains were grown where, planetarily speaking, they grew best, as were other fresh vegetable and fruits. The One World Order, with the blessing of the people, divided Earths landmass into agriculture zones. World hunger lessened as productivity increased, everyone ate at the table post Two Thousand and Twelve.
Note: This is page 11 or so leading up to, of course, the end of mankind as we know it now. :) Ain't going to happen book wise, but it's fun to re-read.